3 Trends that will shape the e-commerce industry in the coming years

As technology continues to make e-commerce more accessible and popular than ever, a major concern continues: People lack the human connection and quality service that physical sales provide. To combat this, companies are spending millions on service upgrades to make e-commerce more user-friendly and service-driven. The three main trends are:

Chatbots and A.I. are there for the consumer
While it may sound counterintuitive to say that people will feel more connected through AI, the fact is that, as in physical commerce, the ability to get answers quickly and find solutions in an easy way is what customers are looking for. .

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The Rideshare Lyft giant is a good example of a company that uses chatbots in a service-conscious way, with the aim of providing the ultimate flexibility for the customer. Users can now request a trip through Facebook Messenger or even Amazon Echo. The chatbot industry is expected to grow to over $ 9 billion a year by 2024.

Voice search gives consumers more options
Similar to Lyft’s Amazon Echo capability, voice search is a way for e-commerce to cater to all types of searchers, offering the highest quality service through multiple choices. Voice search is expected to increase by 1,900 percent by 2022 and for good reason: Voice search is similar to the feeling of having a personal digital assistant, which makes the consumer feel more understood. There is also the element of convenience – the less embarrassment the customer has to go through to make a purchase, the more likely it is to lead to the end. Plus, there is very little embarrassment in using your voice to make purchases.

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Engaging clients with facts, experts and the community is the most important service
As we continue to move forward in e-commerce, community liveliness and meaningful products are the most important services that can be offered. Eczema solutions company Gladskin is using a service-driven e-commerce experience through its use of GladHub, a knowledge center and discovery center that equips consumers with the knowledge they need to make an informed purchase. Furthermore, the Gladskin website provides expert knowledge from the members section of healthcare professionals. This further helps consolidate the company’s value to customers.

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The future of e-commerce is about how to make trading even simpler. In these advanced times of technology, consumers want instant answers to questions, to buy without hassle, to feel part of a community of experts, and to get products as quickly as possible.

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