3 ways transformation happens in CRM

Here is how transformation can happen to CRM….
Within the few years that I have been in the field of E-Business, I have noticed one trend that is very common to customer centric enterprise generally.

Most of the product centric enterprise that wants to move towards doing business and making decisions from customers’ perspective are always eager to rush things in order to have some quick wins and in the process. They always ended up making a lot of errors.
One other thing that leads to failure of many customer centric enterprise is that many of them fail to carry out proper analysis of their customer centric strategy before jumping into conclusion.
That is why some of them embarked on investment in technology before forging a clear customer strategy. All these are very wrong.
Less I forget, in this article I want to look at the stages that a proper setting up of a customer centric enterprise should follow. Let us do this together.
I believe by now, if you have a business you should have realized that the best way to go is to be customer centred. But one thing continued to baffle me before I later have in-depth understanding of Customer Relationship Management.
I have noticed that it is always very difficult to convince top management to embark on CRM. Why is it that majority always find it easy to be customer centred and they will not want to stiff their neck into using customer‘s point of view as a basis for decision making?
Research has shown that it is more profitable to do business from customers’ perspective than from product perspective. That is why in this article, I want to take you through the stages one after the other.
Now the steps…
Customer strategy is the first thing that must be in place when setting up a customer centric endeavor. In setting up a customer strategy, you have to change the traditional role of your front office  .  In a customer centric enterprise, there is nothing like, “I am a Sales Representative and I have nothing to do with Marketing”.
All the three departments that makes up the front office are expected to work together in building relationship with customers and passing it to the back offices so that it can be used for business decisions.
organisational structure
After you might have set up customer strategy that you want to use in delivering value to your customers, the next thing to do if you want transformation is to change your organizational structure.
The organizational structure that will be adopted for a customer centric enterprise must be flexible.
It must allow customers facing employees to resolve customer issues. Bureaucracy must be removed so that both front and back office can work towards delivering value to customers.
This is the area most organisations missed it in their transformation process. Technology should come last and not first in a customer centric enterprise. After you have clear strategy and you have changed your organizational structure.
You can now introduce softwares and hardwares as well as security of customer information which will go a long way in helping you to deliver values to your customers.
One thing you should know is that it is your strategy that will determine which type of technology is needed for the endeavour.
Action Point
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