3 terminologies to know in Data encryption

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Here are the three terminologies to know in Data encryption….


Before I even delve into the three terminologies to know in encryption , I think I should take time to tell you what Data encryption is.


What an encryption is…

Encryption can be seen as the process of converting data into cypher text that can not be read or understood by an unauthorized person. That means when such messages are being sent. The person hijacking the message can not even make any meaning out of it.


In order to read an encrypted file, you need to have access to a secret key or password that will enable you to decrypt it.


Encryption is a always used to protect sensitive information from falling into wrong hands during transmission and processing of such information. It is more or less like coding and decoding of messages. 


#1: Plaintext

This is the type of encryption that make use of plaintext or cleartext. That means they are been sent in a readable text or a language that everyone can understand. That’s how it works.

data encryption


Cypher text as a form of encryption is a text that is encrypted and unreadable until it is decrypted to plaintext with a key or a password. That means the person hijacking or reading it can not make meaning out of it unless he opened the message with a password.



An encryption key is a piece of information that is used to encrypt or decrypt any data.



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