3 ways stakeholders can guarantee project success

Here are the three ways stakeholders can guarantee project success…


In my previous article, I have talked about who a project stakeholder is. They are individuals or groups who have a business interest in your project. Project stakeholders are likely to be affected positively or negatively if your project succeeds or fails. 

In this article, I want to look at the three unique ways that you can analyse your stakeholders. This will help you to manage your stakeholders effectively. Follow me as we look at this important concept together.

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#1 Identify potential stakeholders
The first thing you need to do like a good Project Manager is to identify all potential Project stakeholders for your project. 

I should say this on the side of caution that it is not possible to identify all stakeholders at once. You need to work extensively with your Project sponsor and team members to identify all hidden stakeholders in the organisation.

#2 Classification of stakeholders
The next step is to classify your stakeholders based on the impact they will have on your project. It might also be based on the level of support you are expecting from them.  Doing this will help you to plan how to place your stakeholders on hierarchy and decide on effective ways of communicating with identified stakeholders.

#3 Project stakeholders reaction plan
As a good Project Manager, you need to know how your project stakeholders are going to react in any given situation. You also need to be aware of what you need to do in order not to generate negative concerns from your stakeholders. This will affect your perception in the eye of project stakeholders. You might end up coming up with deliverables that are unacceptable to stakeholders.

The Project Manager in analyzing the Project stakeholders need to ask them what the stakeholders understand about the project, the lessons they have learned from previous projects being carried out by the organisation. All these will help in enlisting the support of stakeholders for the proposed project.

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