The three stages in Quality process for Projects

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¬†Here are the three stages in Quality process….

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. When we talk of Quality in the sense of it. It means that it has all the features that it supposed to have. We cannot say that a car is of quality if it does not have an engine or tires to move around.


Quality is the degree to which the characteristics of a project fulfill its requirements. The stated and implied quality needs are input for devising project requirements. In business quality should be flexible, modifiable and measurable. It is also one of the triple constraints in project management.


In my previous article on Quality, I have tried to define what Quality is, I said it in that article that Quality means that a product or service has all the characteristics that it needs in order for it to function. In this article, I want to look at the three stages of Quality process. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Quality planning

When we talk of quality planning, it has to do with the process of identifying all standards that applies to a project and deciding on how to meet those standards. When you are doing this, you are trying to meet your Sponsor or customer requirements for the project.

We also have Quality planning as part of Quality Process. It has to do with how you design your products in order to meet quality goals, defining processes and establishing controls that you want to use to monitor quality processes. Here, you are trying to look at factors that can go wrong in terms of deliverables of your project and preparing adequately ahead for it.

#2 Quality assurance
Another part of Quality process is Quality assurance. When you are carrying out Quality assurance, you are evaluating overall project quality regularly and systematically during project execution process so that all stakeholders have confidence that the project will meet the identified quality standards and legal requirements.


You need to know that Quality assurance is prevention oriented. They are things you do before things go wrong with your project. It may be a form of ground rules that you put in place in order to ensure that the right things are being done.

#3 Quality control
When you carry out Quality Control, you are evaluating specific quality results against established standards as well as identifying ways to improve quality and eliminate causes of unsatisfactory quality, conducted during the control process of the project. In carrying out quality control, you are trying to bring the project back to specification.

When you are looking at quality processes, you want to be sure that things are normalised for the project. What I will say is that it is better to put measures in place in order to ensure that things does not get out of hand than to be battling with processes that are already damaged.

Now your turn…
Is there any other thing that you will like to add to what I have already discussed about Quality processes. Feel free to make use of the comment box to air your views. I would really love to hear from you. Thanks.



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