3 stages of customer relationship management evolution

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Here the three stage of customer relationship management evolution….

Before I begin with this article, I have often argue with my friends, even any time I am in class, I do tell that I am yet to see any true customer centric enterprise in Nigeria. Some of my students are always quick to make references that one bank Chief Executive Officer just got the award as the Best Banker of the year. I always tell them that what GTbank has is technology which allow them to make waves. They are yet to be customer centred. I know being fully customer centred is not possible if Central Bank of Nigeria is still much around.
customer relationship management evolution
I still strongly believe there is no customer centric enterprise in Nigeria. In 2010, when I first came across the three stages of evolution of Customer Relationship Management. I have to take a deep breath and I see that no organisations has move to the last stage. All the banks that we have in Nigeria are still at the second stage of the ladder.

Have you noticed that anytime that you visit banks? You will see that an average banker will find it difficult to make heaven. I know that partiality is what God himself will never support.
Many at times, I have to leave banking hall because of the CRM Aluta in me. I always try not to create scene. Once you are on queue, you will just see the overzealous Account Officers calling their customers and doing whatever they want. The fact that I am a Savings Account customer holder does not mean I do not have value as a customer. It is just that the bank I am operating Savings Account with has failed to discover my true value.
Now the stages….
#1 Product centric
In a product centric enterprise, the organization focused on product and product alone. They rely on the quality of their product to do the magic for them. They are less concerned about their customers or what they are looking for in their products or services.
In this kind of organization, they set up what I can refer to as reactive customer care. That is where you see the Receptionist doubled as the customer care representative. She is just there to answer customer enquiries and keep record of visitors that are coming to the organization. This was what play out in the 1970s/1980s.
#2 Customer centric
Here at this stage of customer relationship management evolution, the organization tires to identify customers that are valuable like the bank does. They are given preferential treatment to some selected customers who they believe are the key to the organization’s survival. They treat those customers differently and leave others to their fate. This was the case in the 90s.
#3 Relationship centric
At this stage of customer relationship management evolution, there is no more preferential treatment. Organisations now want to make customers the centre of their decision making. They try to find out what customers want and the organization can give it to them. That is what I will focus on in this category. I hope you join me in this journey.
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