3 Social Media Security Issues Online Considered

3 Social Media Security Issues Online Considered 1

3 Social Media Security Issues Online Considered



A closer look at social media security issues…
If there is technology or innovation that has come to stay, it is social media. that is why we need to talk about ways of using social media correctly. It is a known fact that social media innovation is well accepted all over the world. It is also very rear to see a gathering where people are not using one social media platform or the other.

Also, when looking at social media security issues, some have opined that the reason why people are so crazed about social media is that they want to be heard. The fact remains that not all of us are using it correctly. In this article, I want to talk about some of the security issues that relate to social media usage. Follow me as we look at that in this article.
Let’s look at some of the social media security issues around…
3 Social Media Security Issues Online Considered

A worm is a kind of virus that can reside on your system without you knowing. It does not do much harm like a normal virus. IMworm is a worm that can damage a computer. It has the capacity to locate all the contact in your Instant Message Address book.
This worm can send itself to all the people on your address list.


Social Engineering as part of social media security issues
Although I am going to talk much about social engineering in the future. Let me just summarize it here. It has to do with the process of tricking people in order to get their information. For example, some open accounts in the name of Celebrities and they are able to duped people through that means. That is why you should not divulge personal information on social media no matter who is involved.

Spam Over IM (SPIM)as part of social media security issues
This has to do with the process of delivering spam messages through social media instead of email boxes. Here instant messages such as Yahoo, Instagram, messenger among others are used to deliver unsolicited messages. It is becoming more paramount on Whatsapp these days as well.


I am back at it again. I want to talk about social media again. It is a buzzword in this millennium. You probably have a social media account too. As popular as it is. We must find a way of blocking hackers from our social media accounts.

Blocking hackers on social media

social media

I want to focus on ways of blocking hackers on social media. I know you will find this article interesting as well. 
There are many of us that have been victims of attacks. We are so careless and we allow hackers to hijack our accounts. This will not happen again if you can follow what I am going to prescribe in this article. Without wasting much time. Let’s look at ways of blocking Hackers from hijacking your account. 

Before we begin, if you have any further suggestion, do not hesitate to use the comment box. 

Never reveal personal information
First and foremost, you should never reveal personal information on social media. There are many people, most especially Celebrities that are fond of revealing everything that happens to them on social media. In my own humble opinion, that is why it is very easy for hackers to create their fake accounts. 

Don’t accept an unknown invitation
The next thing you should not do if you want to be safe on social media network is that you should not accept an invitation from an unknown person. I will also advise that you should be careful of links been shared by your friends. Many of them are sharing virus unknowingly. Please, any link that you are going to share, make sure it is coming from a reputable. The Internet can be a safer place if we are all careful and cautious. 


Do  not accept unknown links
Let me say I am guilty of this. The reason why I am doing it is what I can not explain. You need to block users who send unsolicited links to you on social media. Some of them will ask to win in a promo that never exists. If you have a user that keep sending you links that you did not solicit for. You should not hesitate to remove such individual from your friends’ list. 
use strong password
There are many people on social media that their password is very easy to guess. Some also wrote their password down somewhere. There are some of us that we also use Remember password on our system . All these serve as an open invitation to hackers. You should never do any of what I have mentioned if you want to be safe on a social network.



Now your take on this argument.

We would also like to hear what you feel about the topic we discussed today. Your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop your comments and recommendations. If you have a contrary opinion, you can drop that too.


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3 Social Media Security Issues Online Considered 2

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