3 criteria that search engines uses in ranking


This article shows three criteria that search engines uses in ranking…..



Search Engines are very common place. They are used by people to find what they are looking for on the internet. I have told you some of the roles that search engine plays in ranking. We make use of search engines to find answers to questions that we want to ask. In this article, I want to talk about some of the four main factors that is being used by Search Engines to rank contents.


Search Algorithm 

Search engines make use of search algorithm to rank pages. That means that it is more of following the rules of SEO. Never try to spam search engines to rank higher in Search results. It is not that there is an individual that will determine that a particular page must come before the other one. It has to do with the rule that has been set.

When search engines want to rank a page. It is the algorithm that has been preset that will help search engine to determine the relevance and quality of a particular web page. That is what will determine which pages will come first before the other one.

search engines

Search Engines ranking is all about Quality and relevance

Also,it is the quality and relevance of a web page that will determine whether a particular web page is qualified to be added to search result or not. If you want your web page to come up for a particular keyword, you need to do your homework very well.

Search Engine. Different times. Different Algorithms

You should know that each of the search engines that will have around have algorithms that are different from one another. Every search engine wants to be better. I can tell you that ranking for each and every one of them is more competitive than the other.

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