3 relationships between organisational culture and sales performance

This article looks at the difference between organisational culture and sales performance

At the time that I wrote about customer service and marketing department in a customer-centric enterprise, I have talked about organizational culture. When we talk about culture generally, it has to do with the way of life of a particular group of people.


In this article, without much ado, I want to look at the role that organizational culture plays in the activities of the sales department in a customer-centric enterprise. Follow me as we look at this together.


In order for an organization to have a suitable culture that will work perfectly for a customer-centric enterprise, they must have a stable and enthusiastic sales force who are ready to be relationship managers.
That means the sales team must be ready to shift their attention away from product to customers and find ways of raising the exit barrier for customers.
One basic feature of a customer-centric enterprise is that they have the ability to put themselves in customers’ shoes. Doing this allows them to focus their attention on customers and pre anticipate and determine what customers are likely to be looking for in their products or services.
organisational culture 
Now the impacts…



minimizing overhead as part of an organisational culture

When an organization is moving from a product-centric to a customer-centric enterprise, they always have a large number of sales force/ Also, when an organization begins to move towards customer centricity, they now try to find ways by which customers can now serve themselves.
This is been done in order to reduce the cost of sales staffs. A good example is an e-commerce website where marketing, sales and customer service is been combined in one place.

grounded knowledge

One other feature of a customer-centric enterprise sales force is that they have a vast knowledge of their customer base.
They know the distinguishing characteristics of their customers.They are also aware of what is motivating their customers to buy more from the organization.

independent channels as part of an organisational culture

Organizations that also engage in business to business channels at times do perform better than organizations that want to relate directly to customers.
You should know when you are able to manage your customers very well. You also have to let your partners know where you stand as far as your customers are concerned. Then you will perform better. This will help you to reach out to more customers.

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