3 Things to change when moving towards customer centricity

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These are the things to be done when you are moving towards customer centricity…..

As a sequel to my previous articles where I have talked about differences between a product centric and a customer centric enterprise.
I want to talk about some of the things that will definitely change when an organization is planning to make customers the centre of their decision making.
#1 People
When we talk of people, we are talking about employees working in an organization. You will notice that in a product centric setting, the organization was structured around product functions, but in a customer centric enterprise, emphasis is been placed more on customers and how the various departments in the organization can serve customers better.
moving towards customer centricity
Also, in a product centric enterprise, employees are rewarded based on how far they are able to meet their sales targets. In a customer centric enterprise on the other hand, employees are rewarded based on how far they are able to help the organization to develop a loyal customer base.
#2 Processes
In the traditional setting, the organization so much believe in mass advertising. They are the ones that advertise based on impulse. They go to market square and start noise pollution. A good customer centric enterprise believe in one on one marketing.
They study the mood of the customer and are able to introduce the right product and at the right time, so that they can get the right response.
In terms of sales, a product centric enterprise believe in their product strength. They do not take time to find out exactly what customers are looking for.
They believe it is all about the quality of their products and nothing else matters.
In a product centric enterprise, they are much more concerned about reactive customer service while a customer centric enterprise is much more concerned with empowering their customers so that they can resolve their issues on their own.
#3 Technology
In terms of technology, traditional product centric enterprise are more concerned office relationship where customers are forced to come to the office before they could have access to what the organization have for sale.
In a customer centric enterprise, the enterprise is more concerned with opening touch points where customers can have access to their array of services without leave their locations.
One other thing that differentiates a product centric enterprise from a customer centric enterprise is that the latter also invest heavily on their centralized database which have information about all customers.
All customers’ information are stored in one place where it can be accessible to customers and they are constantly updated so that it can be used for making business decisions.
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