3 methods of identifying web analytics goals for websites

This article talks about four methods of identifying web analytics goals for websites….



Web analytics goals are goals that you have set as regard your website in order to retain new visitors or gain new ones. In my previous articles on this subject matter, I have talked about some of the tools that can be used to analyse your web traffic.



The bottom line is that it is not analysis of your web data that really matters. You must have means of identifying web analytics goals in order to drive the right traffic to your website.


Are you surprised? Don’t be. You need to know the main reasons why you are analyzing that data in the first place. In this article therefore, I want to talk about some of the method of identifying web analytics goals and perspective using DUMB as my keyword. Follow me as we do that together in this article.

identifying web analytics goals
In creating a business objective for web analytics, the objective must be:


#1 When you are identifying web analytics goals, it must be doable

One of the thing about the objective that you are going to create for web analytics is that the so called objective must be doable, implementable or practicable.

You have to set objectives that are achievable and realistic otherwise you are planning for a big fall. You need to write it down and make sure that it is something that you have the capability to achieve at the end of the day.

#2 When you are identifying web analytics goals, it must be Understandable

One other thing that must happen to your objective is that any business objective that you are setting must be understandable. Each of your team member as a matter of fact must know what the analytics objective is all about. There is the need for the team members to know where they have to come in . They have to coordinate with one another in order to achieve the business objective.



#3 When you are identifying web analytics goals, it must be Manageable

In identifying web analytics goals, there is the need to also create web analytics objectives that can be easily managed by all stakeholders concerned. It must be something that can be re-adjusted and revisited so that it can reflect present realities and situations.

Benefits of identifying web analytics goals

Identifying web analytics goals should also be something that will be of benefit to the entire organization. It must be something that is targeted towards helping sales, marketing and customer service as well as the back office of the organization to achieve their laudable objectives at the end of the day. Therefore everybody involved in the whole process must be able to benefit at the end of the day.




Before you can succeed in achieving any web analytics goal, you have to know the reason why you are setting that goal i the first place. When you are working in a large organisation, you have to ensure that stakeholders are carried along in setting your goals in order to obtain their buy-in for your traffic drive.


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