3 Major Roles of the Project Manager

As a Project Manager managing a new or an existing project, you have many things to contend with because all bucks stop on your table. Everyone is looking up to Project Managers to give direction to the Project. In this article, I want to talk about some of the roles that you are expected to play as the main man in the project execution.

project manager

#1 Traditional Roles

One of the main duties of the Project Manager is to assemble the Project team. The Project Manager is expected to look at his project requirement and identify resources that will need to execute the project. He can now speak with other departmental managers to get those team members released to him.

The Project Manager is also expected to lead the Project team to a successful outcome. He is expected to provide directions to the project. He will define roles from his team members and help them to achieve all that the project set to achieve.

Project Managers are also expected to communicate effectively with stakeholders. He has to keep stakeholders inform about the progress of the project at hand. He must do this using the already established communication paths established by him.

#2 Management Consultant role

Project Managers also play the role of a Consultant to the business. They are to assist the organisation in managing the project. They do advise the organisation on the best ways of approaching the project. You should know that project come about as a result of problems or opportunities. It is the duty of Project Managers to advise the business on the best ways of solving those problems.

It is also the duty of Project Managers to advance the strategic objectives of the organisation. You need to know that no project will be approved if it is against the strategic goals of the organisation. Every approved project must be linked to the mission and vision statement of the organisation. As the Project Manager managing a project, you need to make sure that those objectives are realised.

It is expected of project managers to meet customers needs. After you might have consulted with stakeholders and you have realised what they are expecting from the project. You are expected to set the machinery in motion towards making sure that stakeholders are satisfied at the end of the day.

#3 Business Analyst Role

The Project Manager also plays the role of a Business Analyst. He is expected to analyse the project with stakeholders and suggests features that should be added to make the project worthwhile. He is to assist all stakeholders as well as end users to adapt to the output of the project.


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