3 major quotes that proves customer is a king

These are the three quotes that proves customer is a king…..

Before I even begin, there are three quotations that I personally continue to ponder on any time I am taking my class. They are quotations that customer centric enterprise should engrave and put in the wall of their offices, so that both employees and customers can be seeing it every day.
“The purpose of a business is to create a customer”- Peter Drucker
“If you have a good relationship with your customer, the business
Process flows that much more smoothly”- Richard Pratt
“We cannot make profit unless we take care of the customer and
We cannot take care of customer unless we make profit”- Gerard Arpey
Continue to ponder on these three quotations as you try to learn more about what customer centricity is and when you learn more about how important is to an organization that is doing business from customers’ perspective. In order to throw more light on this, I will try and define who a customer is and now come back to look at the three quotations stated above.
Who is a customer…?
A customer is defined by EC-Council as a person or a group of people who influences or decides on the acquisition of one of you r products or services, or user who uses one of those products or services.
What they are trying to say is that your customer is not only someone that consumed your product or services.
What they are trying to say is that your customer is not only someone that consumed your product. It also entails someone who decides whether your product should be purchased or not. That is why organizations should try to find out the extended relationship that their customer keep for effective segmentation, profiling and modeling.
Another definition from them state that a customer is anyone who derives direct or indirect benefit from a product. It includes people who request for, pay for, select, specify or use a product as well as those who receive products’ outputs. That means if I have an organization and I get MTN caller User Group for my employees and decided to go for Glo sim. That does not say I am not a MTN customer.
Now the quotable quotes…

Peter Drucker says the purpose of an organizations is to create a customer. He did not say customers. That means when you have an organization, you have to treat your individual customers as if that individual is the only customer that you have. You must try as much as possible to find out what that customer is looking for in your product or service and give them what they want.
Gerard Arpey attest to what I have been that before a new customer can bring in profit, it will take up to six months. Your profit is coming from your satisfied customer. You need to raise exit barrier for your customers in order to break even.
Richard Pratt on his own believe that customers’ loyalty is employees’ loyalty. If your customers are happy, it will reflect on your employees. This will make more money available for staff motivation and expansions.

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