Roles of Decision Support Interface

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Here are the major roles of Decision Support Interface in CRM…..

  Decision Support Interface (DSI) in the Corporate Information Factory, which is the software that you are using to analyze your customers’ data.
Firstly, we are referring to the page that shows the result of analysis of customer data. For a good Corporate Information Factory, there are three basic characteristics that this interface must have. That is what I want to talk about in this article.
Before I even talk about Decision Support Interfaces (DSI), let me see if I can define it for you.
decision support interface
The Decision Support Interfaces provide the end users with an easy to use interface. It is an intuitively simple tool to get information out of a data. It enables analytical activities to function and provide the flexibility to match the tool to the task.
Let me come down a little…

 #1 getting the truth
Also, the Decision Support Interfaces allow the Front Office to get some basic truth out of data. They are able to see the relationship that customers have in common. It allows the Front office to analyze data and use the result in making business decisions.
By and large, it should be able to give the end users insight into some hidden facts about the customer. The user should be able to use it with little or minimal training.
They must be able to manipulate the tool and get the result of their probe. In a nutshell, it must be able to give us some facts that can be used for business decisions.

#2 easy to use

The system has many data processing that is running concurrently but whenever the capability of the analytical software or what I will call the Decision Support Interface, it must be very easy for someone to use it and get the desired result.
One basic feature that Decision Support Interfaces must have is that it must be able to use the result. It must be able to synchronize it with other applications.
The result generated by it must open easily in Office application, Adobe Portable Document Format or other applications that are using for your business operations.

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