3 Undisclosed Leadership Qualities and Skills for PMs

Introducing some Leadership qualities and skills for PMs


In this exciting article. I want to look at some of the leadership qualities and skills that a good project manager should have in order to achieve project success. I have already talked about some of the interpersonal skills that he needs to possess to manage a project successfully in my previous articles.

Leadership Qualities and Skills for Project Managers
#1 Strong Personal ethics
One of the ingredients that any Project Manager needs to succeed in his project is strong personal ethics. You have to be truthful to yourself and believe in yourself. You must not compromise your stand because of money or any other inducements. Your eyes must be on the project goal. You have to make sure that you are fair to all stakeholders and team members.

#2 Interpersonal skills
One other thing that a good Project Manager needs to be successful in his project management strategy is strong interpersonal skills. He must be a good coach and communication. A project manager needs to know how to express himself. He must know how to influence others to buy in into his visions and goals for the project.

#3 Context skills
One of the leadership qualities that a Project manager is a contextual skill. The Project manager should be able to analyse situations and decide on the next line of action based on that given scenario. Although he has to carry stakeholders along in his dealings he is expected to contribute majorly towards deciding what the next step should be in any given situation. That is what distinguished a good Project Manager.


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