3 Email Security Threats for Users

3 Email Security Threats for Users


Email Security Threats are real!


You need to know that this does not have to do with the type of email service or client that you have decided to use. Like I said in my previous articles, no email service or client is 100 percent secured.


In this article, I want to talk about email security threats that we can find around today.


#1 Malicious user redirection

This has to do with sending emails that may contain links that may lead users o websites that have hosting malware or pornographic materials. That is why you should never open an email from websites or individual that you do not know.

Email security threats

#2 Hoax/Chained Email

As part of the email security threats, hoax or chain email has to do with users receiving emails that contain false information, telling him to forward such emails to friends and families.


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#3 Malicious email attachments

Attachments at times may contain a virus, Trojan, worms, keylogger e.t.c which if opened cab introduce this malware to your system. That is why you must have an antivirus installed on your system. 


You also have to make sure that you scan all attachments for malware before you open it on your system.


#4 Phishing

Phishing is an email that seems to be coming from a right source whereas it was ” packaged” to look real to the receiver. This type of email has been used to describe many people to reveal their personal details. Some have revealed their ATM Pins, Social Security Number through this kind of email. If you receive an email message asking for sensitive information, call the genuine source to find out before you reveal such information.


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You are not also expected to make payments through email links sent to you.


#5 Spamming

They can also adopt the use of spam emails or unwanted emails which are sent to many people at the same time. You should not open emails that seem to be sent to many recipients at the same time.


Such kind of emails might promise you mouth-watering offers or packages. You have to be careful of such emails.


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