3 differences between data warehouse and Operational Data Store

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This article talks about the major differences between Data warehouse and Operational Data Store…

When we talk of data warehouse, it is a central storage where you can store all information or data from different channels until the time that they will be needed. While operational Data Store is used to capture information from the front office and touch points until they are now transferred to the Data warehouse where data enhancement tools can work on them.
In this article, I want to talk about what makes a data warehouse to be different from Operational Data Store. Follow me as we look at this together.
#1 Time variant
Data warehouse as a central warehouse is time variant. Is stores information and remain permanent there. There is no way that those data can update themselves as they lack the capability to do such.
operational data store
They are more or less historical snapshots, each dated and accurate as of that point in time. In a nutshell, whatsoever you store in the data warehouse remains there and cannot be updated as new data were coming in from the Operational Data Store.
#2 Non volatile
Data warehouse are non-volatile in nature. Similar to what I have said earlier, It cannot receive updaters from transactional data. This is telling us that data warehouse is not working in close association with transactional data. It cannot update in real time. It can only add to what has been stored already.
#3 Collection of static data
The data warehouse you should know cannot accept transactional update or changes, rather it is used to support the strategic decision making process of the enterprise. It is the central point of data integration for business intelligence.
It allows the organization to know patterns of interaction in their customers as they are able to see those characteristics that their customers have in common and plan how to interact with them. All data either from Front office or back office have their final destination in the data warehouse.
#4 Source of data
The data warehouse feeds the data marts and delivers a common view of historical enterprise data that got their source from the data warehouse. One thing you should know is the quality of the data, scattered across various departments in the organization are not the same. The data warehouse being a central store helps you to make the necessary amendment to all data.
The data warehouse allows you to correct all errors in data and use this to make business decisions irrespective of the quality of those data.
The Corporate Information Factory  cannot guarantee the production of 100 percent accurate and complete data. However, by creating a central place to store integrated historical data, that is data warehouse, and integrated current data, that is Operational Data Store, It will definitely help you to make business decisions.
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