3 data entry method for microsoft excel to save time

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Here are the three data entry method in Microsoft Excel…..


entering data directly

One of the main methods of data entry in Microsoft Excel is to enter the data directly into the cell, type the data and then press either the Tab or the Enter key.


You should note that pressing the Tab key will enter the data and navigate one cell to the right. Pressing Enter will enter the data and navigate to the first open cell in the next row down. 


data entry method

If there is already data in the cell, The use of direct method surely overwrites what you have entered before. 



use formula bar

Another means of entering data into any cell in Microsoft Excel is to make use of Formula Bar.



In order to do this, you have to select the desired cell, select the Formula bar to place the insertion point there, type the data, and then press either Tab or Enter. 



use of edit mode 

You can also use Edit mode to either enter new data in an empty cell or edit existing data.



Using the edit mode is more useful for editing existing data; entering edit mode is simply an extra step if you are just adding new data.


To enter edit mode using this data entry method, you either double-click the desired cell, select the desired cell and then place the insertion point in the Formula bar or select the desired cell and then press F2.


In addition, Once you are in edit mode, you can place the insertion point whenever you like, in the cell or the Formula Bar, and edit the existing data as you normally would in a word processing application.



Once you have edited the data, regardless of where the insertion point is, you can press either Tab or Enter to enter the data and navigate to the desired next cell. 




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