3 major components of corporate information factory

Here are the three major components of Corporate Information Factory….

One thing you should know that the most important thing that you need to have before you can talk of setting up a Customer Information Factory which is sometimes referred to as Data warehouse is Information. I want you to know here that as a Customer –centric enterprise  , you must have a centralized database called a data warehouse where you can store all the information concerning your customers and their interaction  with the organization. Failure to have this might spelt doom for the entire enterprise.
corporate information factory
You might want to ask me, why do I need to invest a lot of millions on Corporate Information Factory? It is because it is the backbone of your entire CCE experience.  From the onset, I want to tell you that we have three components of CIF and these are:
I will be focusing on the first one now and discuss the other ones in the future. Let do this together as we look at the business operation aspect of the data warehouse.
What then is Business Operations…
Business operations are the core of any Corporate Information Factory. They are responsible for day to day running of a customer centric enterprise as they allow the front offices to carry out their assigned roles. It is from the business operation applications that the back offices get their data for business decisions.
Some specific examples…
Some of the basic applications under business operations are billing systems, product or policy systems, order entry systems; lead tracking, software and inventory reorder systems.
All these are automated in order to make it possible for CCEs to have access to the organizations’ services in the very way that they want it.
Some of the softwares that we have around in the modern time can be categorized as business operations by front offices and can help them to carry out their duty.
We also have softwares for back offices such as Enterprise Resource Planning which also help organizations to carry out their day to day operations.
One thing you should know is that the bulk of data being used by customer information factory is being generated by the front offices or what we can refer to as business operations.
This might include information such as demographic information, information about your competitors, information about your customers and the kind of relationship they keep among others are part of front offices information.
On a final note, for corporate information factory to succeed, it needs information from business operations.
It is the richness of the information from Marketing, Sales and customer service that will determine how far the organization can go in raising the exit barrier for their customers.
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