3 categories of people in a Lead Funnel

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Here are three categories of people you will find in a lead funnel….

In my previous article on Lead Funnel, I have talked about different name that you can give to your prospective customers based on where they stand in your sales cycle. In this article, I want to talk about three categories of people that you can find on a sales funnel. Follow me as we look at this three categories of people together.

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#1 Opportunity
We refer to someone as an opportunity if he or she is now convinced that he will be buying your products or service. This are the categories of people that we also refer to as Marketing Qualified Leads or Sales Accepted Leads. Opportunity are the important aspect of your lead funnel, you have worked extensively on them and they have already given you a probable date that they are likely to pay for the product or service.

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When some is an Opportunity, you can either close or lose the opportunity to sell your products or services to him or her. If a particular Opportunity is lost, he or she can be sent back to the sales cycle for rework. This is what we normally referred to as Drip Program.


#2 Customer
Once an Opportunity is closed, the Prospective customer then becomes a customer. A customer is an Opportunity that has decided to give your product a trial. If he is satisfied with your products or service, he can continue to repurchase your products or services. A customer might also be someone using your product for the very first or someone coming back for repeat purchase. He might still have doubts about your service. He is likely to look elsewhere if better opportunities present itself.

#3 Advocates
Once you are able to surpass the pre purchase expectation of your customer, he will definitely become an Advocate. He is likely to introduce your products or services to others. You can always come up with Referral Programs in order to turn more of your customers to unpaid advertisers.
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Before a customer comes to purchase your products or service, he has what is called “Pre purchase expectation” . If you are able to meet or surpass the need of a customer, he then becomes an Advocate. Just like an Attorney, he is ready to go to any level to defend. These are they categories of people that can put their integrity on the line because of your products or services. You will always find them in  your lead funnel.

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