3 main branches of customer relationship management strategy

Here are the three main branches of CRM Strategy….

I believe by now many of my Nigerian friends are wondering why I so much believe that customer relationship management is not present in Nigeria. What we have in most places is better customer care services. Some are so lucky to come up with technologies that allow them to do business from different channels.
Many organizations are far from being customer centred. In this article, I want to talk about the three branches of customer relationship management so that you will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that customer relationship management is not customer care.
Operational CRM
When we talk about operational customer relationship management, they are processes and technologies that allow the front office to perform their roles successfully.
I have continued to emphasize it that the only way customer centric enterprise operate is really different from that of a product centric enterprise.
 customer relationship management strategy
In a customer centric enterprise, there is high level of flexibility in terms of how they handle customer issues.
Product centred enterprise for example believes in bureaucracy, you do not override your boss. Also in this kind of setting, laid down procedures has to be followed.
In a typical customer centric enterprise, customers are empowered to resolve their issues on their own. They can have access to the organization’s database and relate with the organization from different perspectives.
So, talking about operational customer relationship management, they are softwares and other tools that allow front offices to carry out their day to day roles so as to retain customers for life and get information from customers.
This will help the organization to take business decisions in a better way.
My dear friends, no organization whether product or customer centred can survive without having quality information about their customers. It is just that some of them are able to take customers for granted and go away with it. They will soon run out of luck.
Collaborative CRM
Collaborative customer relationship management are application and processes that allow organizations to have direct interaction with their customers. Collaborative CRM can be technology based or manual in nature.
A good example of that is when customers visit you at home or when you pay them a visit. Some make use of social media platforms, portals, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) among others to build direct interaction with customers.
Analytical CRM
I have said it while I was talking about data warehouse that you can have a centralized database where customer information and data are stored.
This will guide you in making business decisions. Analytical customer relationship management allow you to make use of softwares in sieving customers’ data and seeing what relationship your customers have in common so that you can use this to make business decisions.
The analysis can help you design marketing campaign that works. You are able to plan how you can acquire new and cost effective customers as well as predict how your customers are likely to behave in certain circumstances.


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