3 types of Big data for Online Marketers

  This article looks at three types of Big Data for Digital Marketers….

In this article, I want to talk about the three types of Big Data that online marketers can use to increase customer engagement. Follow me as we look at this together.
#1 Customer big data
This is one big data available to online marketers. Customer big data includes attitudinal, behavioural, and transactional sources. It help you to measures the attitudes and behaviour of your visitors as regard your products and services. As an online marketer, you will be able to look at how customers reacts to your social media campaigns, sales, promotional offer among others. This help online marketers to know whether their campaigns are yielding desired result or not.

Big data

#2 Operational big data 
This is also another form of Big data available to online marketers. Operational Big data allows online marketers to monitor the day to day running of their operations. They will be able to look at their resources, quality of their products as well as how they control their budgets in order to minimise wastage on the long run.


#3 Financial big data
This includes analysis of sales , revenue and other financial data of the organisation. It allows online marketers to analyse what they are spending on different channels as well as the Return On Investment on each of the channels.
Financial big data shows the true financial position of the organisation on the long run.


The benefits of using Big Data….


#1 Customer engagement
One of the plus of Big Data is that it help you to have a better understanding of your customer. just like customer relationship management, you will be able to understand your customers, who they are and what they are actually looking for in your products and services. Big data will also help you to know the best and perfect time to contact your customers.

#2 Customer retention and loyalty
With Big data as well, you will be able to know what influences your customers to buy and prepare yourself towards meeting their needs. Last year was the first time I heard about Black Friday and it was just a day. I know of many friends that waited until that day before they made their purchase online.


This year own was different because it was almost ten days. That means all those E-Commerce store now understand that people tend to buy when they know there is a discount. According to one of my boss, there will always be one promo or the other.

#3 Marketing optimization
Another big benefit of Big Data is marketing optimization.  Big data allows you to understand what you have spent on marketing across different channels. You will also be able to understand which of the channels that is yielding more results. This will help you to reuse campaigns that works and jettison those ones that are not yielding results.



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