3 Aspects Of Project Management Data And Information

project management data and information

Introducing the three aspects of Project Management Data and Information


Project Management data are some of the data that are generated while executing a project. Some of these data later become information when they have been analysed by the Project Manager.


Project data are always collected as a result of various processes are always shared within the project team. The collected data are always analysed in context, aggregated, and transformed to become project information during various processes.


3 Aspects Of Project Management Data And Information


It should be noted that information is communicated verbally or stored and distributed in various formats as reports based on the need of all the stakeholders. Project Management data are regularly collected and analysed throughout the project lifecycle. In the next section of this article, I want to talk about the concept of work performance data, work performance information, and work performance reports.


#1 Work Performance Data

Work Performance data are raw observations and measurements identified during activities performed to carry out the project work. Examples include a reported percentage of work physically completed, the quality and technical performance measures for the project. It also includes the record of start and finish date for projects. It also includes a record of the number of changes that have been made to the project. It also includes the number of defects as well as actual costs, actual duration among others for a project.


You should also note that project management data are usually recorded in a project management information system and in other project documents. 


#2 Work Performance Information

The Project Management data are collected from various controlling processes, analysed in context and integrated based on relationships across different project management knowledge areas. Examples of such performance information include the status of deliverables, implementation status for change requests, and forecast estimates to complete for your project tasks. 


#3 Work Performance Reports

These are the physical or electronic representation of work performance information that is compiled by the Project Manager. These reports are intended to generate decisions or raise issues from Project Stakeholders. They can also create actions or awareness among Project stakeholders. Example of such reports includes a status report, memos, justifications, information note as well as electronic Dashboards and recommendations. It may also generate updates to existing project documents as well.



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