2 ways other departments can perform customer service role

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Here the other departments that can perform customer service role….

In many of my previous articles , I have made it clear that the front office should be able to work together in order to deliver value to customers. You cannot say because you are a customer service area, therefore you have nothing to do with Marketing or Sales functions. You as a customer service representative have direct relationship with customers. There is a high tendency that they will ask questions from you. You need to continually work at integrating customer service with other departments in the organisation.

It will not be appropriate for you not to be able to explain the details of your products or services to them. In this article, I want to explain the various ways that the customer service job can be integrated into other business areas in the organization.
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#1 Evaluation
It is the duty of the other departments in an organization to access the customer service department and see how they are faring. Some of them are trained in other business areas so that they can give detailed explanation to customers.
Aside from data, the customer service department also train other departments on how to attend to customers so that there can be a form of collaboration between the customer service department and other departments in the organization. A good evaluation strategy will help you work at integrating customer service with other departments in the organisation.
#2 Marketing trend
Another area that the customer service department works with other departments in the organization is by following up on marketing campaigns with both prospective and current customers. They have to know about marketing and sales solicitation so that they will know how customers are responding and areas that they can come in, in order to convince customers. They are the ones that can follow up with existing customers more than any other departments in the organization.
Action Point
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