2 reasons why CRM is different from customer care

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These are what makes Customer relationship management to be different from customer care.

Many at times, when I am discussing with people about customer relationship management, I have come to realize that majority always have the feeling that CRM is all about customer care.
It should not be so in an ideal customer-centric enterprise.

The three front offices of Marketing, Sales and customer service should work together in helping the organization to understand customers better. In this article, I want to look at what should be the role of the customer care unit in a CCE.
Serious, I was born and bred in Nigeria.  I have not had the opportunity of travelling outside the country.  I am amazed the way many organisations are treating their customers.They do it as if they are doing them a favour.
 customer care
There was a time that Nigerian Telecommunication Commission was still around. They were worse off than the present PHCN in Nigeria because of the way they treat their customers.
If you have any organisation, I want to tell you that the best time to get serious with customers is now. You should never attend to customers as if you are doing them a favour.
My dear readers, your customers can sack you by spending their money elsewhere.
That is one reason why you have to start taking customers serious.
The customer care as one of the customers’ advocate is meant to help the organization. It will help them to understand the viewpoint of the customer. It will also help them to do business from customers’ perspective.
They are to help the organization to meet the expectation and requirements of the customer by helping them to build on the feedback that they are getting from the customers.

They are also expected to set up an effective relationship with customers.  This is to earn their trust and respect. If customer knew that the organization is working in their best interest, they will have no option than to trust them.
They are also to get customers information and use it for the improvement of the product and services being rendered to the customer.

building loyalty

It is also the duty of the customer care of the Customer-Centric Enterprise to generate a report on how the organization is facing as far as the customer satisfaction is concerned.
They should be able to have metrics that weigh how far their various channels are able to meet customers’ expectation. This will help them to understand customers’ point of view and act accordingly.
It will also help the organization to have a loyal customer base since they are opening up more channels and they are working on customers’ feedback in order to serve them better.

achieving customers’ satisfaction

I have discussed customer satisfaction in one of my articles. I said it is an internal evaluation that weighs what customers get after they have transacted business with you. This will be compared to what your company promises.
If you are able to exceed customers’ expectation, we can truly say that your customers are satisfied.
Customer care is the only front office that can help the organization to achieve customer satisfaction.
They will be able to help the organization to know the point of view of the customers.They can now advise them accordingly on how to do business from customers’ perspective.

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