17 guidelines for Windows Operating System security

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Here are the ways you can secure your Windows Operating System from being corrupt….




Windows Operating system

  1. Lock the Operating system when you are not using it.
  2. Create a stronger password. A good Password starts with capital letter, It must have special characters. It should also be a minimum of eight letters. It is also advisable to mix it up with numbers.
  3. Disable Guest Account. Hackers can use it as a form of backdoor to your account.
  4. There is the need for you to lock out unwanted guests.
  5. You also have to rename the Admin account for your Operating System.
  6. You also have to disable the startup menu for your Windows Operating System.
  7. You need to apply Software security patches.
  8. Use windows firewall for your Operating System.
  9. Use NTFS to secure your Operating System.
  10. Use Windows Encrypting file system when you are securing your OS.
  11. You have to enable Bitlocker as well. This is very important .
  12. There is the need for you to Disable unnecessary Services that are not needed at any given time.
  13. You also need to kill unnecessary processes that can serve as avenue to Hackers.
  14. You need to configure Windows Audit policy in order to ensure that your system is secured.
  15. You need to hide files and folders in order to prevent unauthorized access to your documents.
  16. There is the need for you to implement Windows User Account Control to secure your documents. Without that, you are at the mercy of hackers. 
  17. There is the need for you to implement Windows Malware Prevention for your Windows .



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