16 Factors That Determines Search Engine Indexing.

Here are the factors that determine search engine indexing of a website…



As a Blogger and a content writer, I know how you will feel when about one thousand people are coming to your site in a day through search engines. I had been in that shoe before. 

I want to dwell extensively on how you can practically increase search engine indexing. Let’s do it.


I have said it in my previous article that there are some factors that determine the popularity of a particular website.

 In this article, I want to look at seventeen factors that will determine the position that your contents will be on search engines.

Here are the seventeen best practices for search engine optimization. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

#1 Interlinking posts can boost Search Engine Indexing

One of the first steps towards improving your search engine optimization is to interlink your posts. You should not create orphan posts.

 Linking your post together allow robots and crawlers to navigate your post easily. It also creates a structured content as well as allowing users to stay longer on your website.

16 Factors That Determines Search Engine Indexing.

 #2 A proper sitemap for Search Engine Indexing

If you want your website to rank high, you need to make use of the appropriate sitemap. This has to do with the structure of different elements on your website.

 It is the sitemap that allows the crawler to go through your website. This help search engines to find what they are looking for on your website.

 #3 Outbound links

One of the attitudes that can increase your search engine ranking is the hand of fellowship that you extend towards others. 

You will be reckoned with based on the number of authoritative articles that you link up with. Google wants to see how many articles you link up with as well. No man is an Island you know.

#4 Inbound links

Another factor that will determine the position of your content is the number of links that come from outside of your website. Gone are those days that people do a link exchange and they were able to go away with it.

People should be able to link to your content without you influencing it. When an authoritative blog or government-owned blog to link back to you,you will be ranked higher than someone that does not have that advantage.

 #5 Validated code for Search Engine Indexing

One other factor that will also determine your ranking in search engine optimization is your validated code. You cannot have malicious code or be purchasing links for your blog and be expecting that you will rank higher.

You need to know that Robots cannot read words. They only reckon with HTML markup of your website. There should be nothing hindering the free movement of Robots on your website if you really want to rank higher.

This is very important when you want to rank higher in search engine indexing.

 #6 Optimal posting length

Another factor that will determine your search engine ranking is that you need to cultivate the habit of posting long articles. The higher the length of your post the better.

When we talk of post length in search engine indexing, it is always a subject of controversy, some said 300 words, some go for a minimum of 1000 words. 

The bottom line is that you are not writing for search engine alone, you are also writing for a human being to read. If you can write 2000 words and it will still make a lot of sense, good luck to you.

 #7 Regular updates
One of the factors that will determine the result of your search engine optimization and search engine indexing is for you to update your content regularly. Search engines like blogs that update contents regularly. If you are not having new contents, there is nothing that crawlers are coming to do on your website. The more you have new contents, the better for you.

One thing is that if you are the type that always has activities going on, on your website. Maybe you are posting new contents or you are always having visitors on your website.

#8 Words in the title

Another factor that you should take into consideration is that you have to include the keyword that you want to rank for in your title. It is the title that will help Search Engines to know what the article is all about.

On the side of caution, you have to make sure you are not spamming the search engine. Make sure your content goes in line with your title so that you will not invoke the wrath of search engine Engineers.

 #9 Number and position of search term inputs

Another factor that determines your search engine ranking for a particular keyword is the number and position of search term inputs. Experts believe that your keyword must dominate at least 2 percent of your article.
You can work out the maths.

I will also advise that you learn how to use long tail keywords. That means you have to use keywords that are more specific and narrowed down. If you are writing about religion, it may be too broad, but when you narrowed it down to African traditional religion, you are more specific.

#10 H1 and H2 Headers

This is another factor that will determine the ranking for your content. Having your keyword in your H1 and H2 headers which are referring to your main header for your blog as well as subtitles and categories for your content. These are some of the groundworks that must have been done by your Programmer or web designer.

That does not mean you cannot do this yourself. You just have to learn how to do it. What is worth doing, worth doing well.

#11 Proximity

Another factor that will determine your search engine ranking for any article has to do with the closeness of your content to what the user is looking for. This is one of the reasons why you have to know your audience. You need to know your target audience as well as how they used to frame their questions.

When you have an insight into your audience language, you will be able to know how to come up with content that will drive your target audience to your website regularly.


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#12 Unusual or rare terms for Search Engine Indexing

Another factor that will massively shoot you up in search engine ranking is when you make use of keywords that are not so common. You can also write about issues that people are seeking answers to. When you are able to do this, it will definitely drive traffic to your website beyond your imagination.


#13 Meta tags

Another factor that will determine the ranking of an article in a search engine is your meta tag and meta description. The meta description has just linked an intro that tells what a particular post is all about.

At times when the search engine indexing is been done for your content, it is the 140 words description that is shown after the article. At times you can modify this content most especially if you are using an SEO tool like Yoast SEO.

The Meta tags in search engine indexing are more or less like keywords that you want the post to rank for. You are allowed to add this keyword when you are preparing the content before you publish it. The tags that you add must not necessarily come directly from your post title. It can come from the content or body of your post.


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 #14 Link popularity

One of the factors that can determine the search engine indexing or rank for any of your content is the popularity of your links. It has to do with authority that you have gained as far as that subject area is concerned.

I do not think any article will rank higher more than Microsoft for any Microsoft product-related article. Their articles will come first before any other articles. It is just like the kind of recognition that has been given to Wikipedia above every other blog.

 #15 Keyword density for Search Engine Indexing

Another factor that will always determine your search engine indexing is your keyword density. The more you are able to comply with the number of times that the keyword is expected to appear in your content, the better. 

A keyword is good. You also need to be careful about how you make use of it as well.

 #16 A social signal for Search Engine Indexing

Another factor that will also dictate your search engine ranking for your search engine indexing is the popularity of your content on social media. In a simple sense, you will be ranked based on the number of times your audience share your contents. 

At times we refer to this as off-page SEO, but it also contributes ultimately to the ranking of your website.


I believe if you religiously follow what I have said in this article, you are on your way to the first page. It is as simple as that. Like I have said in the opening of this article. this is not something you do and you go to sleep. I will also advise you if you have not been using https, you should consider doing so. From my experience, it is one of the easiest ways to rank higher in search engines.

Now your take on this argument.

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We would also like to hear what you feel about the topic we discussed today. Your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop your comments and recommendations. If you have a contrary opinion, you can drop that too.


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