12 WhatsApp Services You May Not Know

1. Change the text format

There is not much freedom for the text format in the app but you can still thicken it by putting it between the stars (* example *), make it slanting through the lines below (_example_) and put a line in the middle with this symbol ” ~ “.

2. Delete them automatically

This option has not yet reached everyone but soon by activating it in the chat settings, any message will disappear after 7 days.

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3. Put a star

To save a specific message you can star it, and later you can find it more easily in starred messages.

4. Clear memory.

The new space management tool lets you see who is texting the most, which conversations take up the most space, and how to delete them.

A large part of WhatsApp services today we take for granted, but this application has in itself many features that not everyone knows. Here are what they are.

5. See message details

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To see if a message was read or sent, press and hold it left on an iPhone, while for Android hold down and then click on Info.

6. Silence a conversation

If a group or a conversation becomes a little annoying you can make it silent. Enter the chat settings and set the period for which you do not want to be notified.

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