12 signs that you have a good anti-virus software

Are you sure you are using a good anti-virus software? Read this article before you answer my question.


I have always had guys asking me if Smardav is a good anti-virus or not. I am not in a good position to answer that because I also using it.

 I had never use Smadav alone. I always combine it with other anti.virus software. In this article, I want to look at some of the attributes of a good anti-virus software. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

#1: Anti-virus scanning
One of the evidence that you have a good anti-virussoftware is that the anti-virus should be able to scan for viruses effectively and efficiently.

 It must be able to detect and remove malware without any hindrance.

#2: Scanning Speed

One other quality that you will see in a good anti-virus software is that it must be very fast when performing scanning of any device. 

The ability to perform the scan effectively and efficiently makes the difference. If yours is very slow like a snail, its high time you purchase another one. 

#3: Resource utilization

When you are about to purchase good anti-virus or you want to confirm the one you are using presently, you have to ensure that the anti-virus software use minimal system resources and it does not affect overall system performance when it is performing any scan.

#4: Automatic updates
Another quality of a good anti-virus software is that it must be able to keep you abreast of what it is happening in the virus world. It has to be able to update itself against any attack. You must be able to receive the updates without having to visit the vendor’s website.
anti-virus software

#5: Spyware detection and Prevention

A very good anti-virus software must also be able to check for spyware and keep the spyware at bay. It will be an insult if you have a retired Army office manning your house and armed robbers are still having a field day. A food for thought you know.

#6: Email Scanning

A good anti-virus software should be able to provide email protection for you. It should be able to monitor the ports used in sending and receiving emails in order to ensure that your computer does not contain a threat that can harm your device.

#7: Hackers Blocking
A good anti-virus software should have a feature that prevents other connected users from gaining unauthorized access and steal important data such as passwords and other vital confidential information from your device.

#8  Bidirectional Firewall

One other quality that you will find in a good anti-virus software is that it must have a bi-directional firewall.

It must be able to check whether the anti-virus software is equipped with a software firewall or not to scan both incoming and outgoing traffic to the device.

#9 Technical Support

There is the need for you to also be on the lookout for technical support from the manufacturer when you a planning to purchase anti-virus software. They must have the capability of resolving any issue amicably.

#10  Parental Controls

One other factor that is very paramount when you are using any anti-virus software is that you must be able to check the parental control feature in the anti-virus program that helps children browse and stay safe on the internet. 

You should be able to use it to restrict children from websites that you do not want them to visit.

#11  Easy installation ( and easy to use)

A good anti-virus software must have easy installation feature as part of the package. It must also be very easy to navigate around it as well. If possible it should come with FAQ in case you are stalked.

#12  On Demand and Schedule Scanning

A good anti-virus software should have a different type of scanning that you can perform. You can decide to scan a particular file, you can also go for a full scan as well as boot time scan depending on how you want it done. 

If you have any other feature that you want me to add. Feel free to make use of the comment box.

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