11 ways of preventing laptops thefts

preventing laptops from theft


I don’t know if you have been there. I had been a victim of laptop theft. I doubt if I will ever recover from that shock. It was really devastating. There are many things to account for when you happen to lose your laptop to a Burglar. That is why there must be ways of preventing laptops from being stolen because you have a lot to lose. In this article, I want to talk about some of the ways that laptop theft can be prevented. 


Laptop thefts can lead to the disclosure of information such as usernames, passwords, confidential data, and other networking details related to connecting the laptop to the corporate or internet environment. 

laptops thefts

laptop serial number

If I ask us now, how many of us know our laptop serious number, It will be so amazing that many of us have bothered to check what it is. This is one aspect of laptop security that you need to take note of. If you buy your laptop new, you need to keep the receipt because your laptop serial number is written on your receipt. Besides no two laptops has the same serial number.


laptop skin 

Another measure of preventing your laptop from theft is to choose a laptop skin that can be recognised easily. This will help you to easily recognise it whenever it is been stolen. But it is more preferable if you can prevent the theft from taking place in the first place. Prevention they say is better than cure.


report immediately

There is the need for you to report laptop theft to the police immediately. You need to ensure that the law enforcement agents were told and the incidence is well documented in order to prevent any eventualities. You have to make sure that you get a police report that the laptop was stolen. In some cases, you might later fall victim of social engineering. This happens when information stolen from your laptop is being used for crimes.



Some of the things you should not do…


Do not leave a laptop unattended to…

The first golden rule for preventing your laptop from theft is that you should not leave the laptop unattended to. It once happened to a friend of mine that left his laptop without putting it anybody’s care. The laptop disappeared within minutes. You have to be sure that you or some you trust is watching your laptop on your behalf.


do not share your password

There are some of us that are so nice that they will give their password to every Dick and Harry. Your password should be something that you alone knows. If you are fond of giving everyone your laptop password to everyone. You are putting the device at risk. Beware!


third party privacy

There is the need for you to add third party privacy protection to your device so that no third party will be able to access your information. It will also ensure that no third party will be able to access your information without your consent. This will also allow you to determine who sees your data. It will also guarantee the integrity of your information.


encrypt your data

There is also the need for you to encrypt your data.  When you encrypt any data, it means any intermediary that hijack such data will not be able to make meaning of such information. This will ensure that your data does not fall into wrong hands. If it falls into wrong hands, that means they will not be able to make meaning of such data. After you might have made the encryption, you need to store everything on your computer.


laptop PC insurance

One other counter-measure that must be taken when you are purchasing a laptop is to purchase a laptop insurance. This will enable you to recover easily when the laptop is been stolen. The insurance company will be the one to replace the stolen laptop with a new one anytime the laptop is been stolen.



set BIOS password

One of the things that can render a password useless is to set up a BIOS password. Setting a BIOS password will ensure that no third party will be able to access the computer without your consent. It will also guarantee the privacy of your data as well.


use a strong hardware password

There is the need for you to use a strong hardware password This might include devices that make it difficult for people to access such laptops. This will help you to secure your laptops from thefts. One of such ways is to puck your laptop inside lockers when it is not in use.


tracking tools

One other means that can help you to recover stolen laptop on time is to install tracking tool on your laptop. There are free and premium tacking tools that you can use to monitor the movement of your laptop. This will help you to locate the location of your laptop when it is been stolen.


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