flowcharts in project management

The Use of Flowcharts in Project Management

The Use of Flowcharts in Project Management


Flowcharts in project management are diagrams that show the relationship between various elements in a system or process. The two most widely used flowcharting techniques in project management are the cause and effect diagram and the Process or System flowchart. Flowcharts in project management can assist the team’s effort in identifying potential problems and the possible effect on those problems. 

The Use of Flowcharts in Project Management

A Process flowchart…

A Process flowchart or system flowchart shows the sequence of events and the flow of inputs and outputs between elements in a process or system. There are a definite beginning and end along with decision points clearly called out with the actions to be taken based on the result of each decision. 


cause and effect diagrams…

A cause and effect diagram, also known as Ishikawa Diagram or Fishbone diagram is a flowchart organised by category. The cause and effect diagram provides a structured method to identify and analyse the potential cause of the problem in a process system. This method organises the potential causes of problems into defined categories and identification of potential causes. 


Some common categories include material, method, environment, personnel, measurement. the energy among others.


The cause-and-effect diagram is also called the Ishikawa diagram (named after its creator Kaoru Ishikawa) or fishbone diagram (named based on its shape).


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