Understanding Identity Theft in Computer Security

Understanding Identity Theft in Computer Security


Identity theft happens when someone is so careless and hackers are able to steal confidebtial information band use it to perpetrate evil.


People often get carried away with posting Information onto social networking sites . some are so stupid that they post virtually anything of social media. When they buy new cars, houses and all other information that hackers need in order to perpetrate evil. This is very bad we just need to change.

Identity theft in computer securityLeft in the hand of cyber criminals , such information that you release on social networking sites can be used to hack into an online services security questions , leading identity theft in computer security .


Attackers can also use the information to penetrate into the corporate Network of a company of his/her target.


Alternatively , the attacker may find the user’s name, browse through his/her social profile.


He can then write an email based on the user’s interest bearing a malicious link on documents.