4 warning signs on the road to success

You need to have a lot of confidence if you are going to start a business. 75% to 90% of startups fail. To be an entrepreneur, you have to believe that your business together with you, will beat these statistics. But you have to be very careful, as overconfidence can do more harm than good. So what is left for an entrepreneur to do? Approach the problem with a healthy... Read more

4 Common Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make And How To Avoid Them

Are you a young entrepreneur just starting out in business after graduation? If so, here are 4 critical business mistakes new founders make, and how to avoid them. Generation Z (children born in 1995-2005) are entering the job market and have self-confidence, are strong, and ready to make significant changes in the world. Although building a business at a young age is exciting, we see some common mistakes that can... Read more

The key skills that marketers need to acquire

No other field is developing faster than marketing. To navigate more effectively, marketers need to update their skills. The modern role in marketing varies considerably. Because of this, the skills required really depend on the company and the individual. But, in general, there are some specific skills that marketers need to make sure they have in order to be within the game in this area. These include both “soft” and... Read more

How much should you spend on social media marketing?

Social media has created a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs: It has never been easier to spread your message among hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. But if you want to reach them, it will cost a lot. It has to do with supply and demand, and social networking platforms are limiting supply. Organic Reach, or the opportunity to speak directly to the audience that chooses to follow your business,... Read more

3 laws for attracting new customers

When running a customer-based business, weeks and months can have thousands of ups and downs. Customers come and go, depending on various factors. Getting new customers can be one of the most difficult and common causes of anxiety for a business owner. Could there be “laws” on customer attraction that work every time? Maybe if you always stay on top, with some consistent practices, you do not have to spend... Read more

5 Tips for Better Email Marketing

Email is a very powerful marketing tool, but many businesses do not realize its potential. Here are 5 ways to improve your email campaign. Personalize email content Most marketers are aware of the benefits of personalizing email content, but most do not take it seriously. Personalized email is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of email marketing. According to statistics, personalized emails bring 6 times more feedback... Read more

This is why marketing your business needs to be automated

The main purpose of marketing automation, in essence, is optimization. From optimizing staff time to deciding which customer your sales team should focus on, the opportunities offered by marketing automation go far beyond simply automating repetitive staffing tasks. Below are the top five benefits of implementing a marketing tool or solution for your business. Reduce staff costs With the help of automation software, an employee can compete with a marketing... Read more

4 tips to make your business appear on Google Maps

Google remains the key element for your online space. Sure, Facebook and Amazon are trying to get a share of the search, but since July 2019, Google has dominated 90% of all online searches. The beauty of this type of Google search is that it is all free. Paid advertising works, but it is not the only way to get clicks and customers. Have you noticed how some businesses and... Read more

Influence more people on LinkedIn with these simple methods

By increasing your presence on social networks, especially on LinkedIn, you can achieve a better relationship with your customers. With a few simple changes and methods, you can grow and influence as many people as possible on LinkedIn. Below we have listed some tips that you can implement without much effort. Selectively search for the right people for you Find people who post often and have between 10 and 30... Read more

Recover yourself from failing in business, here’s how

All the entrepreneurs we hear about have a few things in common: they are smart, ambitious, and highly motivated. But most of them are also very stressed. From the outside they may look very powerful and balanced, but in reality they worry all the time if they will be able to face the challenges that come in a successful career. If you are a very productive person, maybe you feel... Read more

5 things to do before hiring the first employee

When you are an entrepreneur or startup founder, recruiting the first employee is a very important step to the success of your business. They will represent you and play a big role in how your business will grow. Therefore and you have to be very careful to find the right person. Here are five things to do before you find your ideal first employee: Create a delegation plan First you... Read more

3 tips for better online presentations

Some people are very good public speakers. Others are terrified of speaking in public. But none of these groups exalt Zoom presenters or similar online platforms. The idea itself seems embarrassing. You have to talk to your computer for a certain period of time, wondering what impression you are giving to the audience that you often do not see. But according to a communications trainer, Sarah Gershman, this is not... Read more

5 things successful people do differently

When most people think of successful people, they often think that they were simply “born that way”, that they were “lucky”, or that they went through a magical moment that changed everything for them. However, your life cannot be shaped through a single moment, but rather, each subsequent moment. It is what you do in one moment that determines what you experience in the next moment. As Gary Keller said,... Read more

Why gratitude is more important than ever

This year has been extraordinary. It has been a year full of uncertainty and fear. And yet, it’s up to us whether we remember it or not. We all have the power to change our way of thinking, to shift our perspective from that of disappointment or anxiety to positivity and hope. The people who are most positive are those who have cultivated a habit of gratitude. They are the... Read more

What to do when you lose your Android phone

Losing a smartphone is something unpredictable and uncontrollable. This has happened to all of us at least once, so we understand the panic we feel when we lose it. This is because within them we have stored a lot of valuable information for us, but what we forget is that this data is often very sensitive, and in the wrong hands can cause too many problems. At the moment of... Read more

How to optimize your business website to get more traffic

In his book, The Basic Guide to Optimizing Your Website, SEO language and online marketing expert Jon Rognerud shows us how to build a high-performance website and earn first place in search engines. In this formatted snippet, the author shows a broad strategy for optimizing your website in a successful way. The goal of search engine optimization is for Google “spiders”, for example, not only to find your site, but... Read more

Will TikTok survive? Read here

The changes in TikTok and Arm are signs that point to a difficult future On August 6, when the White House told TikTok that it had 45 days to shut down or find an American buyer, there was a risk that the Chinese-owned video app would disappear from America, angering 100 million users. in the US and causing billions of dollars in losses from investor wealth, writes The Economist. Now... Read more

Mobile network on the Moon?

Finnish company Nokia has been selected by NASA to build the first mobile network on the Moon, the company announced on Monday. The lunar network will be part of the US space agency’s efforts to bring humans back to the Moon in 2024 and build long-term settlements there based on its Artemis program. Nokia said the first space-wide wireless communication system would be built on the lunar surface by the... Read more

WhatsApp introduces innovation, here is the option for self-deleting messages

From next month, the messages you sent on WhatsApp will be deleted by yourself, 7 days after sending in a certain “chat”. Facebook-owned messaging service said that this new for the app comes to make the conversation “more private”. Thus, WhatsApp will be a bit more like Snapchat, the platform from which Facebook has been inspired in the past, including the introduction of “Instagram Stories”. The company confirmed that the... Read more

12 WhatsApp Services You May Not Know

1. Change the text format There is not much freedom for the text format in the app but you can still thicken it by putting it between the stars (* example *), make it slanting through the lines below (_example_) and put a line in the middle with this symbol ” ~ “. 2. Delete them automatically This option has not yet reached everyone but soon by activating it in... Read more

Snapchat gives $ 1 million a day for the most watched videos

The Snapchat messaging app is offering a whopping $ 1 million to its users every day as it tries to compete with TikTok in viral video. Its new Spotlight feature will use an algorithm to recommend the “most attractive” posts to view, based on what a user is interested in. Snapchat says the feature will include people with “private, personal accounts” as well as its biggest stars. The $ 1... Read more

Some real examples: Here’s how to make money from Youtube and how much is the revenue based on viewership

There are still many skeptics in the world who do not believe that it is possible to make money online. In reality, there are numerous success stories for people who have tried their luck online. YouTube is just one of the many ways you can become not only famous but also lucky if you are an Internet millionaire. Google pays 68% of their AdSense revenue, so for every $ 100... Read more

5 philosophies for success

Many of us already know Steve Jobs, the man who transformed modern technology and improvements are still being made based on his model. Although Steve Jobs has been a man who dominated more and seldom backed down, he never forgot these 5 philosophies about success which accompanied him to the end. Ideas without deeds are not ideas, they are repentance. So said Steve Jobs at a conference where the Macintosh... Read more

4 technological changes that can boost productivity in your venture

For many entrepreneurs, technology is salvation. Devices enable important communications. Scheduling programs help organize busy lives. Data infrastructures make it possible to collect, secure, analyze and transmit information as it happens in real time. Employee management is much easier with project management software. Simple changes to the technologies you use can optimize your company’s performance. Here you are. Update your technology If your equipment is slow and breaks down often,... Read more

3 lessons from entrepreneurs that anyone can use to grow their business

Entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality, creating jobs and boosting economies. They are professional problem solvers. By following their example, all leaders can create new opportunities for success. “If you are going to build a ship, do not call men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders, but learn how to long for the wide and endless sea.” These words of Antoine De Saint Exupery, emphasize what differentiates entrepreneurs.... Read more

3 types of technology that every entrepreneur should use

To say we live in a digital age may sound like a cliché, but there is no doubt that the internet and social networks have revolutionized the way we interact. This dependence on digital tools has also spread to the business world. The pandemic has boosted online sales, and many companies are relying on SaaS and PaaS tools to keep business operations running as usual. For entrepreneurs, this reliance on... Read more

“Scary” similarities in the way the brain and computers process images

The brain detects 3D-shaped fragments (bumps, holes, axes, spheres) in the early stages of object vision – a newly discovered natural intelligence strategy that Johns Hopkins University researchers also found in artificial intelligence networks trained to recognize objects visual. A new study details how neurons in the V4 zone, the first stage-specific way of looking at the brain object, visualize 3D-shaped fragments, not just the 2D shapes used to study... Read more

Being kind to others is good for the brain, says Stanford study

Being nice to other people can make you and them feel better. And that is not all. Research shows that when you try to feel empathy for others and treat them with patience and kindness, it triggers a physiological response that can reduce the harmful stress hormone, cortisol. Too much cortisol, which means a lot of stress, can damage your memory and interfere with brain function, so anything that lowers... Read more

The best technological offers for Black Friday (Online)

Black Friday weekend begins the shopping season and as usual there are many offers to be made in the tech industry, computer hardware and technology in general. Every year we like to advise you to buy only the thing you need or that you wanted to buy even without offer. We have made a real price list of only the best technology offers we could find. This means less volume,... Read more