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In my previous articles,I have talked about some of the functions and adjustments that you can carry out at the backstage of MS Project 213. In this article, I will look at how you can edit the Proofing tab of MS Project 2013 so as to give this scheduling software specific instructions as far as what is right or wrong in  your typing is concerned. Follow me as we do this together.



auto correct

The very first thing you can implement at this phase is the auto correct option. This allows the software to make some corrections automatically based on some pre defined rules.

proofing microsoft project 2013



Here, you can decide to capitalise the first letter or the first two letters of whatever you typed. You can also capitalise name of days or choose to ignore any mistake that you made in  typing . Its all left to you and what you want. You just have to uncheck anyone that you want to apply.


location of correction

The next section of the Proofing Tab in MS Project 2013 allows you to choose areas of your work where you want corrections to take place. This at times can be in terms of ignoring word in uppercase, words that contain numbers, ignoring internet and file name addresses, notification of repeated words, enforcing assented uppercase in French and suggesting word in the main dictionary among others.


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