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once read an article where the Columnist talks about the high rate of abandoned Federal projects in Nigeria. He noted that this has been a source of concern to the Nigerian National Assembly. Aside from high rate of federal projects that littered the country, it has been observed that we also have high rate of failed I.T projects that dotted the country as well. The question now is what can be done to address this anomaly?


Many at times, when I am teaching in a Project Management class, I always asked my students to define project management or Project. I am not too surprised that majority of them always look at it from the angle of their final year long essay. This is right and this is wrong. Let me tell you the reasons why.

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PROJECT and Long essay: The difference?


When you are writing your long essay, you will always have your thesis divided into chapters. You are given a time frame for which you are expected to complete your long essay. You also have a Project Supervisor who is expected to put you through as you embark on this assignment.


A project on the other hand is a temporary work endeavour that creates a unique product, service, or result any time it is been carried out. It has a clear beginning and end. The end of a project is reached when its objectives are met, the need for the project no longer exists or, or it is decided that the objectives can no longer be met. For what I have, it is clear that a project is not something that goes on forever. It also has a purpose for which it is been started. Besides, no two projects are the same at any given time.


One other feature of a project is that it is multi-disciplinary in nature, People of diverse disciplines are expected to come together and perform some basic functions in order to achieve project objectives.


Another feature of a project is that it varies based on budget, team size, duration, outcomes and others. Project can be carried across various fields and disciplines. The main benefit of being project certified is that you can manage any project. You just need to apply your knowledge and skills to the project at hand.


A project can be considered a success when the required objectives are met. As a successful Project Manager, you must be able to achieve the desired goals within the specified budget and timeframe. You also have to achieve the specified quality that you are given before your project can be considered a success.


What then is a subproject….?

A subproject is an independently manageable components of an existing project. Take for example, I want to build a car. I now asked a contractor to handle the interior decoration. That to me is a subproject. A subproject can also be carried out by a unit in the organization.


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