3 ways program management can contribute to project success





Many might have wondered, why do we need to be talking about Project or Program management when we are looking at customer relationship management? Yes we have to do that because, becoming customer centred is a project. A serious project for that matter.

program management project success

When we talk of a Program, it has to do with a series of projects that are carried out together in order to achieve common objectives. When you are working on building a Corporate Information Factory, it is a series of projects that need to be carried out in order to build a centralized database for customers.


The question that needed to be asked most of the time is not which of the technology should be adopted but which technology should we implement first? The question is that only one technology cannot solve all your customer centricity solutions. You have to combine technologies in order to achieve your objectives of customer centricity.



According to Claudia Imhorf in his book “Building a customer centric enterprise”, he defined Program Management as the process of identifying, prioritizing, and selecting the appropriate projects for customer relationship management support.


Project Management allow you to choose which Projects are expected to come because you cannot achieve all that you needed to do at once.


What you should know as a customer centric enterprise is that you need to assign members into the Program Management team which must be headed by a Program Manager and what the organization is trying to achieve.


Some of the goals of the Program Management team includes the following that I am going to discuss for the rest of this article.


business strategy alignment

When you are carrying out the execution of Corporate Information Factory, it must be in tone with the strategic objectives of the organization. It must be in line with the goals, objectives, and mission and vision statement of the organization.


It must be able to help the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. The team must be able to decide on what should be done first. Whatever is decided upon should be in line with the mission statement of the organization.


reused processes

The Program management team must also come up with processes for the project and for the organization that can be reused over and over again.


When we talk of processes, we mean those procedures and guidelines that you follow in order to achieve a specific objective. Any time you carry out a process, you always achieve the desired result. This must be set up by the Program Management team at the end of every project.


project p[rioritization

One basic fact about Project is that you will not always have all the capital that you need to execute your project released to you at once.


Therefore, it is the duty of the Program Management team to determine which attributes to be carried out first. They allocate funds to activities based on their level of importance.


It has been discovered that in executing a project, you will use about eighty percent of your time communicating with stakeholders. That is, those that have business interest in your project.


The Program Management Team are expected not to leave anyone in doubt as far as the objectives of the customer relationship management project is concerned.


They have to let the whole business community and I.T community understand how the project requirement are prioritized. This will help every stakeholder to be on the same page as far as the programs or related projects to be executed are concerned.


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