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In one of my articles, I have defined a customer as a person who used your products or services or someone that has the power to decide whether your product or services should be used or not. In my previous article as well, I have talked about how knowing the total number of your customers can help you to do business from customers’ perspective.



In this article, I want to talk about the reasons why you need to know the total number of products or services that a customer owes. Follow me as we do this together.

Many organisations today, both customer centric and product centric alike cannot state the total number of their products or services that customers owe. Most organisations only rely on the number of their products that is been sold to a particular customer. Some do not even know the geographical location of their customers.



This is very bad.



In this article as well, you might want to ask me: Why do you need to bother yourself finding out the total number of products that a particular customer owes. Follow me as we do justice to this together.

true value

Understanding the total number of your product that a particular customer owes will help you to know the true value of that customer. Knowing the true value of your customers will also help you to come up with programmes and packages that will raise exit barrier for your customers.


When you understand the total number of your product that customer owes, you will know which of your product is moving and which one is not. This will help to come up with better products.


customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is an internal evaluation that compares the pre purchase experience with what customers get after purchase experience. Knowing the total number of your product that customer owes will help you to know whether your product is helping you to fulfill band promises or not. You will also be able to come up with strategies aimed at making your products better.

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