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In my previous article, I have talked about the six layers of Security that we can have in information security. In this article, I want to talk about the different types computer attacks that we can have in any organization. Follow me as we look at this together. Understanding this article will help to prevent you from computer mobile attacks which is very common today.


malware attack

Malware attack is one of the computer mobile attacks that we can have today. The breakdown of Malware is malicious software. They are applications that are capable of physically destroying your system or harm whatever you have on your system. That is why you have to be very careful about what you install on your system. Users are expected to scan all applications before they are being installed on your system.

mobile device attacks

email attack

Email attack is one of the attacks that a user can experience. Most at times, Hackers and attackers can package viruses and worm in form of email messages. Some Hackers can package email to look as if it’s coming from a legitimate source. You should scan all emails for viruses before you open them.


mobile code attack

Many of us always have the assumption that our mobile phones cannot be attacked. Hello NO! As long as you are connected to the internet, the codes of your phone can be attacked. This can make your phone to begin to malfunction.


denial of service attack

This is when services are not available to legitimate users as at the time that they are in need of those services. When a network is been attacked, it can lead to a situation where the network infrastructure crashed and users are not able to have access to the resources that they are legally entitled to.



identity theft

Most at times, we also have Identity theft as one of the computer mobile attacks. Hackers and Attackers can create backdoors that allows them to steal information that personally belong to you. They are likely to use this information to commit crime. This can bring you bad reputation. It may even take time before you are able to clear your name. That is why you have to tread cautiously.


packet sniffing

Most at times, when information are passing across the wires, or you are sending data over the internet, Hackers can use softwares such as Wireshark  or Cain and Abel among others to see what you are sending across the wire. That is why Banks make use of encryption techniques to send their data and protect customers’ information.



Some can also be a form of Zombie that is used as a medium of attacking enterprise network. Their actions or inactions might not be intentional but due to the fact that they are not following security policies, they are used by Hackers to attack others that are on the network.


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