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In my previous articles, I have made it clear that the true reward of a Project is for us to achieve what we have set to achieve in the first place. I also made mention of it that one of the tools that we can use to achieve our objectives is called Organizational Process Assets which can be divided into two categories . These are processes and procedures as well as Corporate Knowledge Base. In this article, I want to look at the role that organizational theory plays in achieving project objectives. Follow me as we look at this together.


Organizational theory provides information of the organization of work processes and operating practices through organizational structure, power, culture, compensation, and benefits and behaviour of people among others.


Effective use of organizational theory information can help in planning human resources efficiently. It helps the organization to understand the various organizational culture influences or the impact of the individual response time and performance differently.


Now the interfaces…

In this section, I want to look at the various type of reporting relationship that we can have in a project. Understanding this as a Project Manager will help you to know who to talk to when certain situation occurs in your project.



This is the kind of reporting relationship that occurs between different departments in an organization. This type of reporting relationship can be internal or external to the organization. It can be between the Project team, upper management, or other departmental managers that may need to support the Project Manager in order to make the project a success.



Technical reporting relationship can be among the various disciplines that are working on a project or when project is moving from one phase to another. It can also be formal (documental) or informal in nature. This kind of reporting relationship can also be within project team members or outside of the Project team.

interaction projects


This is formal or informal reporting relationship that exists among various individuals working on a project. This kind of reporting relationship can also be within or outside the organization. It is meant to allow project team members to interact on interpersonal level.


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