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In my previous article on this subject matter of web analytics. I have talked about some of the reasons why your objectives must be DUMB!. In this article, I want to talk mainly on how you can identify your goals for your web analytics objective. I have said it that you don’t just analyse data for doing sake. You have to know why you are doing it so that you can do it right. Let me jump into that discussion in this article.


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I believe we all know what goals crated by business are? Goals are strategies that organizations have put in place in order to achieve their desired objectives. They are plan of action that you have decided to follow in order to achieve your objectives.


In doing your web analytics, you need to set up goals that you want to achieve. This along the line will be a form of key performance indicators that you will use to measure whether you are achieving your set objectives or not.


As I have said earlier in one of my articles, you need to set your goals for events as well as for website lead generation. Your goal might be to increase web traffic by 30 percent before the end of the year or you want to close in on leads or prospects that have been in the pipeline for more than three months. These are goals that you can use to determine at intervals whether you are succeeding or not.



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