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In my previous article, I have discussed how you can develop a work breakdown structure. Some of the things I mentioned in that article is that you have to gather reference materials that will help to know what is and what is not part of your work breakdown structure. You also have to come up with an effective way  of organizing your work. You can subdivide your work into major tasks as well as using milestones to subdivide your tasks. I want to continue with that discussion in this article.

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There is the need for you to identify the major deliverables of your project. These are components that can also serve as milestones. Most at times, these major deliverables also have smaller tasks under them. These major deliverables should be listed in the scope statement that you have prepared or your contracts.


One thing is that if you are organizing your tasks based on major deliverables , this step will represent the level below the project name, if you are using another methods, it will probably be two levels below the project name. The bottom line is that you need to divide your projects into sub tasks so as to further break it down to work package level.



There is the need for you to analyse each of your work breakdown structure element so as to be sure that it is completely broken down. In order to do this, you need to ask some crucial questions: Can each deliverables be adequately scheduled, budgeted , and assigned to an individual person or group ? If yes, you have reached the work package level. After you might have done this, you need to validate your work breakdown structure which I will talk about in my next article.


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After you might have break down the whole work into different deliverables, there is the need for you to break down the your work into sub-deliverables so that you can confidently assign it to individuals. In doing this also, you need to ask some foundational  questions. You need to know what needed to be done in order to reach a deliverable. At least, before you reach the lintel level of a building , there are some tasks that needed to be performed . These are what we referred to as sub-deliverables.


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