The concept of Customer centric data mining in CRM






In this article, I want to briefly talks about four main things that Analytical CRM does in a customer centric enterprise. Follow me as we look at this together.

capturing data
Capturing data is one of the main events that will happen when Analytical CRM is in place. There is the need for the organisation to bring all customers data together in one place. If the organisation have customers data in one place, this will help you to know those pattern of interaction that are common to all your customers.

analysing data

Analysing data is another aspect of customer centric data mining. Under this , the enterprise try to dig dip into all data that they have about their customers. Doing this will help them to know what are common to their customer as well as other factors that determines their customers buying behaviour. This will help them to come up with blueprints on how they can raise exit barrier for customers as well as segmentation and profiling of their customer base.


customer centric data mining

After the organisation might have studied their customers data as well as understood the reasons why customers behaved in certain manner, they will be able to come up with plans for both their front and back offices which will now help them to do business from customers’ perspective and retain their valuable customers.

interacting with customers

One other aspect of customer centric data mining is that the result of customer study been carried out by the organisation will always guide how they now interact with customers. The organisation through studying of patterns of customer interaction will be able to understand factors that motivate customers behaviour as well as the multiple channels or touch [points been used by customers. This will help them to optimise those channels in order to retain their valuable customers.

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