Use of Critical Path Method in Schedule Network Analysis

Schedule Network Analysis is a technique that is used to calculate the theoretically Early Start and Late Start and Late Start and Late Finish date for all Project activities. The Schedule Network Analysis shows the earliest time that a project can start and the latest time that it can finish.
The Schedule Network Analysis also shows the the impact that such duration will have on the overall project activities. This schedule Network Analysis is what is been used to create a product schedule for any project.
The four types that we have:

 critical path method
Now the Critical Path Method…..
The Critical Path Method is a Schedule Network Analysis method that uses a sequential Finish to Start Network logic and calculate one early and late start and finish date for each activity using a single duration estimate. As we already know, the critical path is the path with the longest duration in a project. It is a path that if it is delayed, it will increase the finish date of the project.

In this method of Schedule Network analysis, we try to identify the critical Path, after identifying the Critical Path, float is calculated to identify activities where there is some scheduling flexibility , This is commonly used in most type of project management software to calculate the Critical Path,


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