A closer look at Analytical customer relationship management





Analytical CRM is the branch of customer relationship management that deals with analysis of customers’ data in order to see pattern of interactions that are common  to them.



In this article , I want to look at the different types of analytical CRM applications that we can have in an organisation. Follow me as we look at this together.

analytical customer

customer analytics

Customer Analytics is an analytical CRM application that offers a deep understanding of customer needs in a customer centric enterprise. Since this analytics data are captured from the Operational Data Store  , you are able to identify patterns that are common to all of your customers.


This will help you to predict their behaviour. You will be able to know your customers better. Analytical CRM will also help you to predict your customer’s next move as well.


marketing analytics
Marketing Analytics will help you to focus on marketing and sales department of your organisation. With marketing analytics , you will be able to analyse how your customers and prospects are responding to your customer strategy.


With Marketing analytics as well, you will be able to know which of your campaign strategy works and which one is not working. Understanding this aspect of your analytics will help you to reuse those one that works and jettison campaign strategies that are not working.



service analytics
Another form of Analytical CRM Applications is Service analytics. Service Analytics concentrates efforts on planning and evaluating life cycle patterns of service in the organisation, Through the use of service analytics, organisations can analyse which of their touch points customers are using most.



With that understanding, they will be able to close than those channels that are not working and readjust those that are working so that they can be more effective.

web analytics
Another form of Analytical CRM Applications is Web analytics. Use of |Web Analytics can help you to analyse all web interaction centres that you have opened for your prospects and customers alike.


In looking at web analytics, you want to know how effective your web interactions are. you want to be sure that they are helping you to deliver on customer satisfaction and retention. Understanding web analytics will help organisations to know if their web applications are enough to meet the need of their growing customers.



In studying web analytics as well, customer centric enterprise want to know how easy it is for customers to navigate through their various channels. The bottom line is that customers should be able to resolve their issues on their own through the various web channels.


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