Four ways that Analytical CRM contributes to Business success



customer relationship

When you are using analytical CRM, you will be able to see the effect of all your decisions on your customers. This will actually help organisations to feel the pulse of their customers.


They will be able to discover which of their decisions are favourable to customers and which ones are not. Therefore, analytical CRM can serve as a metric to measure how customer reacts to organisational business decisions.

customer centricity
Analytical CRM also allows organisations to plans towards how they will do business from customers perspective. As I have said in my previous article, through analytical CRM , organisations can know what patterns are common to all their customers.

analytical crm

This can help the organisation to segment and profile their customers. They will be able to create new products through customers feedback.


distinct applications
As I always tell my students, no single software can give you all that you want as far as customer relationship management is concerned, it always have to do with combination of softwares.


Analytical CRM at times are stand alone application that can be used to analyse customers data in order to see what they actually have in common. It helps organisation to better predict customers and come up with products and services that suit their needs.


mutually beneficial relationship
Analytical CRM help us to build mutually beneficial relationship with customer as we are able to have a 360 degree view of our customers. It will help us to put appropriate customer centric strategy in place. When we have that in place, we will be able to build mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. We can create touch points through which customers can reach out to us without having to come down to our office.



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