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An organizational structure is a compositional make up of an organization that describes how various groups and individuals within the organization interrelate. It shows who you are to report or talk to in case any incidence occurs in the organization. This structure at times limit opportunity and resources in any organization. It shows conditions under which resources will be available in an organization. It shows conditions under which resources will be available in an organization. Here, I want to talk about functional organizational structure in an organization. Follow me as we look at this together.

5 project managers successful projects

How it works…

specific assignment

One of the distinguishing feature of a functional organizational structure is that each of the departments is responsible for carrying out a specific, similar set of activities. The various departments are specialized in nature and when project comes up. They are only able to carry out assignments that purely relates to their job role.


multiple tasks

Another feature of a functional organizational structure is that each of the individuals can handle multiple tasks. Take for example, you are talking about Editor’s role in an organization, we are likely to have more than one individual who can perform the role.


departmental line

In a functional organizational structure, projects are been carried out along departmental lines. If a project is meant for the I.T department, a Project Manager is picked from among them, who may or may not have all the Technical Know How that it takes to handle a project. At times, the department in question may have to request for resources form other departments in order to make the project a success.


hierarchical reporting

In a functional organizational structure, the reporting method is hierarchical in nature. Each of the resource report to a single Manager. It is also observed that the Resource are more loyal to their Line Manager than other Line Managers or Project Manager. The Project Manager may not get all the full support that he needs from his team members in order to execute project successfully.




relative authority

In a functional organisation structure, the authority of the project manager is always low compared to the Line Manager. Since they are all equal, they may not really gave the “ Project Manager” who at times may be a subordinate the necessary support that he needs in order to execute a project successfully.

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