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Have you ever seen a man that was very poor before and suddenly became rich and hit it big? Such a man will tell you that success is the most difficult thing to manage. Many organization struck gold and they could not manage it very well. So also, in customer relationship management, when you now have a satisfied customer base, you need to manage them very well so that it will not be a curse. In this article, I want to talk about some of the basic things that you need to do in order to manage customer relationship management success. Follow me as we look at this together.


cooperation among front offices

I have often said that the organizational structure that works for a product centric enterprise will not work for a customer centric enterprise. I said it in one of my articles that the organization in a customer centric environment must be flexible in order to give room for flexibility among the front office in a customer centric enterprise.




I said it in one of my articles that in a customer centric enterprise, there is nothing like I am a Sales staff and I do not know anything about Marketing. In order to continue to succeed in your customer centric endeavour. You have to continue to allow your front office to work together in building relationship with customers.


success measures

I have said it in one of my articles that one of the obstacles to customer relationship management success is when an organization draw back from customer centric strategy. A good customer centric enterprise is expected to adopt measures that will help them to know where they are on the ladder and take corrective measures in order to fall back on track.

customer loyalty

I have often said it that customer relationship management adoption should be seen as a project but it must be done in phases in order to achieve effective result. You are expected to start from a smaller CRM software to a highly sophisticated CRM software.


cultural challenges

In one of my articles, I have talked about organizational culture and how if not well managed can affect an organization from achieving customer relationship management objectives. Any organization that wants to embark customer relationship management initiative must change the orientation of their staff so that they can embrace customer centric philosophy.


They also have to ensure that they are bringing up the old system to blend with the new and not discarding the new system completely.


coordinating front offices

In order to manage customer relationship management success, there must be a CRM savvy committee, highly supported by the top management that is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating front offices  so that they can work together in order to achieve the objectives of doing business from customers’ perspective.


inegrating others

Apart from the front office which an organization has to coordinate in his bid to do business from customers’ perspective. They also have to integrate them with the back office and portals.


This enable customers to enjoy the organization’s product and services across multiple channels. They are also allow the back office to work on customers’ feedback in order to serve them better.


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