About Swizor420

ABOUT US At Swizor420, we believe that everyone deserves to have FUN. We all know that the amazing plant can help manage your stress, anxiety, insomnia and mental health. Here we set out to create something that can elevate your sesh sessions, smoking accessories that are tailored to meet your needs. Everything about Swizor420 revolves […]

How It Ended 13

Now am so down and weak and I can’t do anything again order than to adhere to them . These are another type of people not the watchmen who were running after me . I don’t know these people , but I guess they are also people who are securing the place . They at […]

How It Ended 11

This is almost around after 1am in the midnight , as they were chasing , none of them is shooting which I was expecting a gunshot from my back , I was even expecting noise but none of them is shouting , they just kept running after me . I was gasping so serious that […]

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